Armadillo Merino® next to skin merino wool clothing for for extreme users and conditions.

Gino Rea, World Supersport

"Throughout my professional racing career I have tried so many brands of under garment, all of which produced similar results and I was never happy. With Armadillo I noticed improvements straight away, I perspired so much less and it allowed my body temperature to remain cooler and therefore perform better throughout my practice and race sessions. I am so confident in Armadillo that I actually had my leather suits made without an inner lining, so that Armadillo becomes my only 'skin' between my actual skin and my leather suit." Gino Rea

Gino, can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I am racing in the World Supersport Championship for GRT Racing Team where I sit 4th in the standings, as top MV Augusta rider, top British rider and top privateer rider. 

You started racing at age 3. Was racing in your family? How did you get into it?
My dad rode motocross but only at local races and he got me on a Yamaha 50cc motocross bike at 3 years old. I took to it well and enjoyed riding so it went from there.

Gino Rea, Armadillo Merino® Champion

What was the first race you won and what has been your biggest win to date?
I won my first motocross race during my first year of racing, at 7 years old. My biggest title win has been the European Superstock 600cc Championship which I won in 2009. Winning in World Supersport in Czech Republic and finishing 2nd in the Moto2 Grand Prix in Malaysia are my other biggest achievements.

Motocross to track, how hard was the transition, and why switch?
I just loved to ride anything with 2 wheels and at one point (in 2006) I was riding motocross, road bike racing, supermoto and minimoto racing. I got the opportunity to race in the European Superstock 600cc Championship in 2007 so I took it and focused on road bike racing. There was a lot to learn but the initial transition wasn’t too bad, more fun than anything.

Gino Rea wearing Armadillo Merino®
I hear you changed your leathers to work better with our base layer. Can you tell us a little more about this?
The majority of riders use a base layer but also use the inner lining that comes with the leather suit, which essentially creates two layers working against each other. I thought it would be better and more comfortable to remove the leather suit lining and use Armadillo Merino as my primary base layer.

Does a base layer really make that big a difference?
I definitely think so. It is the first piece of material your skin is in contact with so its important not only for safety but for performance too. I wouldn't ride without my base layer.

How many hours a day do you train? What type of training do you do?
It depends on the time of year. During winter training when I am preparing for the new season, I train two to three times a day which is between 3-5hours a day. During the season and between races, it is more maintenance training but I still like to train twice a day if my schedule allows. That would normally consist of light cardio in the morning and a gym session or higher intensity cardio at midday. My cardio can consist of indoor rowing, cycling, swimming, running, circuit training and gym sessions are usually for strength, muscular endurance and core work.

What do you do outside of racing?
My racing schedule is pretty intense and lasts from February to November so between races I am mainly training and organising my schedule for the remainder of the year. In the winter I like to set up a training camp and put in solid work to get me ready for the next season. There isn’t much rest time at all!

Gino Rea, Armadillo Merino® Champion

If you think of what you used to wear vs. Armadillo Merino®, what are your thoughts?
I prefer Armadillo Merino because it is not only comfortable but protects me better in an event of a crash. I believe Armadillo Merino helps keep my body at a more stable temperature compared to the rest and I seem to sweat less whilst wearing it, which is important for any racer at any level.

For an up and coming racer, what advice would you have for them?
Its very cliche but, never, ever give up. Everyone likes a trier; determination, heart and a lot of hard work is what is required to make it in bike racing. Listen and learn to those with experience, soak up every bit of information you can!

Gino Rea
Nickname(s): Speedy G

Favourite Food: Nan's Italian pasta!
Number: 4

Class/Division: World Supersport

Team: GRT Racing Team

Bike: MV Agusta F3 675

Favorite track: Brno!biography/c191l

Gino Rea, Armadillo Merino® Champion wearing the Falcon long sleeve top

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