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Chat with DBKs Maarten & Mikkie B

Maarten & Mikkie B tell us about their misadventures and how to stay motivated

We catch up with a couple of our older champions, long overdue! And learn more about their back story, how they stay motivated and their advice for anyone wanting to get out there and have some bush craft adventures and even start a YouTube channel.

Give it a watch, or listen because we cover some great topics, and even find out about a pretty brutal injury Mikkie B received that reminded him we need to be very sensible with knives!

Learn about their comedic approach to outdoors and bush craft and why they're perfect Armadillo Champions!

We were on a bit of a schedule this time around but we'll definitely be catching up with these guys again in the future! If you have anything you want to ask these guys just drop us a line and we can cover it in the next one.


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