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Rowing From San Fran to Hawaii: Jane Leonard's Story

Jane tells us about her personal experience on the Great Pacific Race

Jane Leonard, one of the women from Girls Who Dare, recently undertook The Great Pacific Race which is rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii. 

Jane tells us all about her experience, the challenges she, and her team mates faced and all about a deeply personal experience she had along the way. 

Listen to the chat with this incredible woman and hear all about the intense shift pattern they had to stick to, the things that went wrong, including breaking solid fibre glass ores and hallucinations! And the enjoyable parts of the journey, which may seem hard to imagine on a 60 day boat row! 

Considering that none of these women had rowed before in their lives, one had not even trained until the day before and another has a fear of open water! This really was all the more impressive. 

So jump in and listen to the new podcast.

You can find out more about Girls Who Dare by visiting their website or going to the Instagram page all linked below.

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