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The duo behind Land Cruising Adventure give us the low down on long term travelling adventures

We catch up with Karen & Coen from LandCruising Adventure and they tell us all about life on the road for 17+ years!

Karen & Coen truly are a remarkable couple. After being together for 9 months they made the decision to go on an overland adventure in a kick ass cruiser that they have kept running through thick and thin.

We catch up with the pair and find out what it takes to travel together in a confined space for so long, how they deal with any disputes and some of their hariest moments.

Including being woken up by drunk police and opening the cruiser to be looking down the barrel of a rifle!

What a great conversation this was, and we've got it all on our new podcast for you to listen to at your leisure.


So give it a listen, and if you're interested to find out more about this awesom duo, you can click the links below.

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Coen - Boxers, Long Johns &

Karen -

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