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Rob Small, one of the toughest men you've never heard of

Rob Small, adventurer, burn survivor

So today, we got the chance to sit down with Rob Small, a keen adventurer and severe burn survivor, though that's not what Rob likes to refer to himself as.

Rob went through a truly traumatic experience while working in Zanzibar. He was caught in his apartment behind walls of flames and had to make the split-second decision to either wait and hope help would arrive in time or run through the flames in the hope that he could escape with minimal injuries.

The reality was that Rob decided to run through the flames, and though his injuries were severe, this was still the better option as help would not have arrived in time and had he stayed, it would have sealed his fate.

Rob Small recovering in hospital

Listen, or watch, our detailed chat with Rob as he explains that he survived after being told he only had a 27% chance to live, how he managed to get back into the country after being rejected by airline after airline to get back to the UK and receive urgently needed medical care as they had him marked dead on arrival.

This is a shocking recollection of Rob's events and what he went through was truly unbelievable, and to be here today with such an amazing attitude towards life, adventure and still with a sense of humour! It is truly a testament to Rob's strength and is incredibly inspirational.

Rob will be going on an adventure to cycle around Iceland in August and hopes to inspire people that have had injuries that would otherwise have left them being told they couldn't do something again and, in fact, anyone wanting to adventure.

Rob's key message is that it doesn't matter what the adventure is, big or small if you can conquer your Everest, then that is a great achievement, and you should aim for that.

We're proud to welcome Rob into our champion circle and hope you enjoy hearing about this incredible experience; and if you want to find out more about Rob, you can see more at


"If your comfort zone and getting out of that is to sit on the bus to Kingston because that makes you nervous and you do it, celebrate that's huge! It's about getting out of that comfort zone and having the courage to try; there's no 'it's only'"




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