Armadillo Merino® next to skin merino wool clothing for for extreme users and conditions.

Shortest day - shortest, but also one of the most important, blog posts. Why Merino Wool?

December 21st is ther shortest day, and to go with this, today will be our shortest blog post, and I wanted to make it pretty simple. We even created a simple 6x4 downloaded cheat sheet that goes with this blog post as well!

Why Merino Wool?

  • No melt, no drip, just in case you are caught in a situation where everything is going wrong, at least you can trust your baselayer not to melt to you like a synthetic will. Merino wool does not melt.
  • Natural FR properties of up to 600 degrees C. Back to the above. Your Armadillo Merino® baselayer is your last line of defence.
  • No smell, no matter how long you wear it for. Think, you do not have to do as much washing.
  • Keeps you warm when it is cold. We all know this, but it also keeps you warm when it get wet.
  • Helps to keep you cool when it is hot through a little natural chemistry. I will explore this more at a later date.
  • No static discharge. For some people this is important, for others, it is useful fact.
  • Easy care. Warm machine wash, line dry. Easy!
  • 100% natural. No chemical treatments to achieve the above. What more could you ask for.

We think merino wool is pretty amazing, and as often as we keep talking about the natural properties, people are still amazed when they try our next-to-skin for the first time.

NASA also thinks so, and their favourite is our Cobra Tee.

Nasa Image

Photo credit: NASA 

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