Armadillo Merino® next to skin merino wool clothing for for extreme users and conditions.

Skincare 101 - Why wear Armadillo Merino®?

Why wear Armadillo Merino®?

At Armadillo Merino® we consider the role of protecting your skin our most important responsibility. The garments you chose to wear against your skin could save your life and potentially protect against life changing injuries. We are focused on your skincare through the development of next-to-skin performance clothing as a safe and effective way of enhancing your personal protection, performance and comfort level. 

Your protection should start from the "inside out" so we design and manufacture the first garments you put on as they will also be your last layer of defence.

Garment Designs - our goal is to remove discomfort

You most probably define clothing "comfort" as "the lack of discomfort".        So when it comes to garment details it will be the little things that make the biggest difference in making your skin feel comfortable.

All of our garments have longer backs (no cold spots), seamless shoulders (no rub spots), longer arms and longer cuffs (stay in place). There are no annoying neck labels and with subtle garment branding our clothing are discrete.

Not all merino is created equal, so we only select the finest merino wool which is soft when worn against the skin and then we partner with some of the most innovative manufacturing partners to knit high performance fabrics. Our fibre selection is the first building block within our pursuit of delivering the best skincare garments for professionals operating in high risk professions and consumers seeking the most comfortable next-to-skin clothing.

We are proud to know that Armadillo Merino® garments are protecting people in the most extreme environments on earth and in space.

At Armadillo Merino®  we design and manufacture merino wool clothing with all the following “multi attribute" properties 

Anti Order naturally, Armadillo Merino®No smell - Naturally anti-bacterial, so you can wear Armadillo garments for days on end without smelling. Not convinced, then test a garment for yourself, and tell us about it. Discover more on odour here.

Flame resistant Armadillo Merino®No melt, no drip - with built in natural flame resistance up to 570˚C (>1000°F) without toxic fumes. Compare this to petrochemical fibres such as nylon which melt at 170˚ C. Learn about wools inherent flame resistance here.

Thermo Regulation - Armadillo Merino®In hot or cold climates, our garments are always comfortable - When its cold out Armadillo garments keep you warm and when the heat dials up Armadillo garments help with the cooling process. This natural fabric adaptability is called Thermoregulation.


Armadillo Merino® UV protection

Skincare against the suns harmful rays with inherent UV protection in the fibre. Our merino fabrics naturally absorb UVA and UVB rays offering up to SPF 50 protection, depending on the knit structure. Learn more.

better moisture management with Armadillo Merino®No stickiness from sweat - Armadillo fabrics adsorb your sweat as both vapour and beaded perspiration then releases the moisture back into the air. Our merino fabrics absorb up to 30% of their weight as moisture while leaving your skin feeling dry and comfortable. More here.

Stamina - Armadillo Merino®Improve your stamina, with the ability to keep going and going. Armadillo garments give you a competitive edge with their superior thermoregulation, moisture management and in delaying the onset of sweat which in turn reduces the rate of moisture loss and your calorie burn. Stamina, the ability to recover faster and to go much further for longer.







  When it comes to competing we're offering you an unfair advantage.

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