Armadillo Merino® next to skin merino wool clothing for for extreme users and conditions.

SkinCare 106 - Which Product Collection is for me?

Elite, Big Cat or Raptor, which collection works best for you? All are super comfortable, designed for the professional operator, and tested all over the world.


Elite is high performance protective wear engineered exclusively for professionals who demand the very best. Developed in Italy using new fabric technology, this superfine merino offers a smooth, silken feel whilst retaining incredible strength. Tested for intense activity under extreme conditions, the Elite Range has an athletic fit, designed to look great for you to wear solo or as a base layer.

Buy this if you:

  • Want the best. (The Cobra Tee is worn by NASA)
  • Prefer an athletic, not too tight and not too loose cut
  • Are looking for super soft 17.5 micron wool next to skin. Guaranteed not to irritate.
  • No one knows you are wearing wool, giving you an un-fair advantage
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Armadillo Merino Elite collection

    Big Cat

    Big Cats semi-fit design combines the look and feel of your favourite cotton T-shirt with all the extra benefits of merino. It looks great as a first layer, yet is ready to perform in extreme environments offering you protection, temperature control and moisture management when you need it.

    Buy this if you:

    • Intend to wear this as a tee-shirt or shirt
    • Prefer a looser cut
    • It is a little lighter than our Raptor series, 170 gsm
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      Big Cat Collection


        The Raptor Range is made from an open rib knit fabric to help you thermoregulate in all temperatures. When it's hot, heat and perspiration are released to keep you cooler and drier. When it's cold, your Armadillo works as an insulator, trapping still air to keep you warm. Raptor combines softness and strength with natural stretch for maximum durability and performance in all environments. With a figure-hugging fit, it makes an excellent base layer.

        Buy this if you:

        • Intend to wear this as a base layer under other layers
        • Prefer a tighter figure-hugging cut
        • Looking for a base layer that is surprisingly warm and comfortable
        • 195gsm
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          Armadillo Merino Raptor collection

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