Armadillo Merino® next to skin merino wool clothing for for extreme users and conditions.

SkinCare 303 - What is the most effective baselayer system for safety, performance and wellbeing?

PPE is an essential component of first responder clothing and is designed to reduce injuries and save lives. Extensive research has been conducted into the performance of outer protective layers but little research has been undertaken to determine the role and effectiveness of next-to-skin clothing as part of a layered system.The importance of baselayer for a first responder

Armadillo Merino® base layer, the essential first layer for fire fighting

Research - Next Generation Base Layers for Fire fighters

In 2013 Guelph-Humber University in Canada researched four different baselayer materials during live-fire evolutions to identify the next generation of baselayer systems for fire fighters. Four different garments systems (Cotton, Nomex®, Kermel/Tencel, Armadillo Merino®) were tested and compared with live physiological monitoring and perceptual/sensorial measurement.

The research findings (both qualitative and quantitative) ranked Armadillo Merino® as the number one choice of next-to-skin clothing with 67% selecting Armadillo as their first choice and 100% as their first or second choice. But why was that?

Armadillo Merino® garments enhance user safety and performance with super soft merino wool providing exceptional next-to-skin comfort. The fabric doesn’t melt or drip and provides a natural barrier of flame resistance up to 600°C (1000°F). Armadillo fabrics have many inherent properties including no electrostatic build-up, high UVA & UVB protection with the built in ability to thermo-regulate under both hot and cold conditions. Sweat is actively managed in vapour and liquids state which helps to maintain the core body temperature keeping users comfortable but best of all it reduces the build up of body odour. No stink!!

Police first responders in Armadillo Merino® facing fire

First responder health and wellbeing should always be a priority. Armadillo Merino® works with nature to provide a healthy and natural solution for skin-side PPE clothing. We have developed high performance multi-attribute fabrics by combining our knowledge of human performance with carefully selected superfine merino wools that are manufactured by specialist clothing mills.

Armadillo Merino® designs and manufactures the safest next-to-skin clothing in the world. Our garments have been tried, tested and endorsed as an effective skin-side layer by operators working in the most extreme conditions. By wearing Armadillo performance fabrics against the skin you can create a buffer zone around the body that protects your skin and ensures it is healthy and more resistant to heat, cold and chemicals.

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