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Waire® P2 Respirator Mask - kitsets (7 pack)


Product information

Designed to provide optimum performance & protection. The unique Waire™ Respirator Mask incorporates the HELIX™ smart, natural, science-based wool formula to provide optimum performance and protection.  This unique mask features 55% wool content.

Natural wool fibre has amazing capabilities which synthetics can't match. Wool is the world's most positively-charged fibre, which translates to an electrostatic filter which acts as a magnet to capture a whole range of particles in the air.

The Waire™ face masks also have low breathing resistance making them easier to breathe through.

Waire™ masks are designed and manufactured to offer AS/NZS1716: P2 / N95* level protection when fitted and used correctly.

The mask comes as a Kitset- requiring self-assembly of the straps and nose piece.

Developed in New Zealand – technology chosen around the world– and in space – for masks and respiratory protection systems. *Approval pending – pre-tested performance proven in laboratory conditions


  • Assist in the protection from COVID-19
  • 55% wool content
  • Natural wool filter
  • Low breathing resistance making them easier to breathe through.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard: AS/NZS1716:P2 / N95
  • Designed for: All day use in all environments
  • Benefits: Protection from COVID-19. Made in New Zealand
  • Style Number: 88001

Washing instructions

  • Disposable

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